What to consider when buying motorcycle clothes

You might well see people in movies riding motorbikes in cut-off denim jackets with the wind sailing through their hair because they haven’t got a helmet on either and think this is the way that everyone travels on their bikes.

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This, however, is not the way to be riding a motorcycle down the street, not least because it is against the law, but also because it is an incredibly dangerous way to travel.

If people want to be travelling down busy roads on their bikes, then they will need to be safe in doing so. Getting the right protective clothing and gear should help to protect against injury should riders fall off. They will also enable other road users to see bikes well in advance and also keep motorists warm and dry.

Safety starts with the head

By law any motorcyclists should wear a safety helmet on the road and they need to comply with the British Standard BS 6658:1985, the UNECE Regulation 22.05, any standard accepted by a member of the European Economic Area and carry a mark equivalent to the BSI kitemark.

As a result, there is much more to choosing the right headgear than merely getting the best colour for the job – safety should always be at the forefront of any rider’s mind.

The brand name or colour are secondary considerations, with how it fits being the most important thing to think about. If it fits well, the safer people are likely to be.

Get the clothing right

The most traditional form of biking clothing to keep people safe is full leathers, but there are also other man-made versions that will do a good job. When choosing the clothing, riders must ensure it has enough protection for the shoulders, knees and elbows – which are the main areas that will be impacted if a fall occurs.

Durable gloves are also a must as the hands can be seriously injured in any sort of crash. Dainese clothing has a wide range of safe, effective gear that could interest any bikers. To take a look at the range click here.

Motorcycle boots should also be included in this as trainers aren’t going to protect anything if people come off their machines, while boots will provide a little boost.

How exactly can you protect yourself further?

People might be wondering what else there is to consider when buying new motorcycle clothes that will protect them. It’s worth noting that more accidents on the road that involve riders are caused by other road users not seeing them, so bikers should think of the different ways they could be seen from a fair way off.

It might not look particularly in vogue but at least it’s the safest way to go about things. A good idea is to wear fluorescent orange or yellow clothing in daylight as people need to be seen from all angles.

For night time riding, it is most certainly advisable to wear gear that is reflective, so any vehicles with headlamps on catch a glimpse of the rider.