Tips for Saving on Your First Car

Saving on your first car might seem impossible as many people
buy their first car in their teen years or early 20’s. The seasoned car owner
will know the intricacies of saving money on their car that the first time
owner might not think of. After purchasing your first car here are a few ways
to save on your car.

Avoid The Dealership

Dealerships tend to cost more money for minor repairs than an
independently owned auto shop would charge. If you have purchased your car from
a dealership many of them will offer a care package which makes repairs free
for a certain amount of money. Calling around for quotes of the independent
shops is important after your care package has been completely used.

Shop Around For Insurance

Insurance can be the largest cost of having a new car
besides a car payment. Making sure to get quotes from several companies is the
best way to get the best rate. Some companies are better for younger driver
while others are better for older customers. Know which companies will benefit
you the most at your age.

Find Some Coupons

Sometimes there are coupons in the paper for discounted oil
changes but these are sporadic. Other times there are websites like Groupon
that consistently offer new coupons from places like Advance Auto Parts for
free on a consistent basis. These coupons are free so there is no risk to using

Maintain Your Car Now and Save Later

Putting off car repairs can end up costing exponentially
more in the future. Keeping up your car is not difficult but problems can
snowball if they are left untreated. Spending a little bit of money can help
save much more in the future.

Buying your first car can be stressful especially from a
financial aspect. Saving money does not always have to be difficult but saving
money is always fun. Good luck with your new car! What are some money saving
tips you have for a first time car buyer?