Safety and Security of your driving experience

When it comes to the safety and security of your driving experience, it pays to know what you are doing. Even if you think you are a great driver, sitting down to some online videos or picking up a couple blog posts about how to improve your skills can be a big help. Its not you who is usually the issue when it comes to accidents, so much as unexpected situations and other drivers erratic behavior. Driving is a bit like gambling in that however well you are prepared, anything can happen. There are a lot of variables on the road, from weather conditions which can spring up with hardly a moments notice, to slippery and uneven surfaces, patience and awareness, as well as other drivers paying full attention to the road. With the increase in vehicle accidents over the past few years due to phone calls and texting, many states have passed laws to deter people from using their phones while driving. There are steep fines for texting while driving after so many have lost their lives due to others lack of awareness and focus. Its almost as if we forget that we are driving such a machine machine and that it needs our full attention so that we can manage the reflexes and coordination needed to stay between the lines and aware of anything that might arise.


With companies doing as much as they can to keep us safe if something does occur, with airbags that can now be found all over the car and not just in the dashboard, to systems that will alert you or slow the car down automatically when you are getting to close to something. Our seatbelts have been upgraded, car seats for children made more safe, and many other arrangements that we don’t notice but that directly influence the way our bodies react while inside a car during an accident. With all these safety features that have been expanded on you would think that the rate of deaths in automobiles accidents would have dropped drastically but that is not the case. With every increase in a safety feature we have added on another distraction to our lives. Whether it be the emotional distraction of being stuck in rush hour traffic that seems to start earlier and end later every other month, to fiddling around with our cellphones while driving. One solution for this has been the increased interest in self driving cars, taking the human element out of the equation entirely. This would mean cars talking to each other to figure out their space on the road, therefore decreasing accidents as well as decreasing the time spent on the road altogether. Without the human element, the cars will be able to function better on the road and amongst themselves, creating less slow downs, traffic jams, and accidents. While this may be something that is hard to get used to, it will lead us to a more safe and reliable means to travel.