Range Rover Sport 3.0- The Bold and Athletic SUV!

For many people, the Sport 3.0 is a status symbol. The car is unarguably sportier and more sophisticated than its predecessors. Occupying the front seat of the Range Rover Sport delivers a sense of absolute power and control that no other car can match.

2014 Land Rover Range Rover HSE

But what can you expect from the Sport 3.0?

Most of the reviews on the Sport 3.0 are wholesome in their praise. Some describe the car as, ‘an extraordinarily capable vehicle,’ while others draw attention to the completely redesigned interior or the sheer power of the engine.

This is a vehicle that will take whatever you throw at it, be that uphill motoring across tricky terrain or a long haul down continental highways.

A clever combination of features have been built into this multi-use SUV. New electronic systems, controls and displays have all been updated, as has the plush interior. The car is quiet to drive, offers great visibility from the raised driving position, and it even has exterior cameras which should prevent the occasional ding on raised surfaces or pavements.

The steering is also very light, which is a real bonus when navigating a heavy vehicle. For the most part, the experience of driving the Sport 3.0 is as smooth as they come.

Because of the power under the bonnet, the sophisticated road holding and the attention to detail in the cabin, you feel more as though you’re in a luxury sports car.

And that, of course, is what Range Rover engineers were seeking to achieve when they designed the motor. Top Gear, which is among the most trusted review sites, scored the car 9/10.

They have the new versions setting you back by around £65,000. This is no small sum, and it makes the premium second-hand market for this vehicle very appealing.

Such a well-designed and solidly built car is going to lose none of its appeal, advantages and performance a couple of years down the line from its new sale date.

But what it will lose is a major chunk of that high level new price tag, bringing its cost within a comfortable range.

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