Main Factors that Affect Motorcycle Insurance Quotes in North Carolina

In North Carolina, like everywhere else, it’s always a good idea to shop around for insurance quotes from different insurance companies. You may notice that the quotes vary from one insurer to another. But what affects motorcycle insurance quotes in North Carolina in the first place?

Here are some factors that insurance companies take into account, when deciding your premium costs:

  1. The type of motorcycle you’re riding. You may have noticed that motorcycle insurance is generally a bit more expensive to insure. That’s because it’s inherently more dangerous to drive than a car.

Some bikes are also more high risk than others and this explains why sports bikes cost more to insure. Sure, they handle better. But they’re also faster, and insurance companies know that the sort of person who buy these things likes to go fast too.

So if you want to save up on insurance, don’t go for the fast ones. And if you upgrade with performance parts, you should also expect your insurance rates to go up.

  1. Your driving record. Obviously, you’re going to have to pay more for insurance if you seem like you’re more likely to get into an accident. You driving record is a good indicator of that. If you have a rather dubious driving history filled with DUIs, careless driving, doing stunts, and various speeding tickets, you’re going to have to foot an enormous bill for insurance every month.

In fact, some insurance companies may refuse to offer you insurance if you have too many convictions in your motorcycle riding history. You’ll then be forced to get a high risk insurance policy and that can cost you thousands of dollars. Your other choice is to stop riding a motorbike altogether.

  1. Driver’s training. If you want to reduce your insurance premiums, you may want to consider taking extra safety courses recommended by your insurance companies. Companies like Protective Agency can give you a list of courses you can take. This makes the premiums lower, it reassures the insurance company that you take safety seriously, and it also keeps you and other people in the street safe. Everyone’s a winner.
  2. Riding with passengers. Motorbikes are generally designed as solo vehicles. Having a passenger riding behind you increases the risk of an accident. So perhaps you can come into an agreement with your insurance company. You can promise them that you will never ride with a passenger, and maybe you can get lower premiums.

Of course, if you’re in an accident and it turns out you had a passenger, then they won’t pay your claims at all. In fact, they may even cancel your policy due to your misrepresentation. It’s not really a good idea to lie or break your promise to insurance companies!

Always try to be safe when you ride your motorcycle. That’s the kind of attitude you need to have at all times.