How to save money on your kid’s birthday party

It almost seems that kid’s birthday parties have got out of control, parents are competing and the internet is awash with ideas about how you can make the party as lavish as possible. Everything from personalised napkins, outrageous party bags and expensive games are there to be bought for the party.


But what happens if you don’t want want to dip in to your savings just to be able to pay for the party? It can actually be quite easy because making kids happy and have a good time isn’t really that hard. Kids love presents, lots of cake and have a great time with your friends. Here are some great ways to bring down the costs with out looking like a penny pincher.

Manage expectations

If you’re kid is over two years old then you need to sit down with them and talk over some ideas about their party. Most kids have some idea of what they would like at their party. Younger kids will probably ask for their favourite sweets or type of cake that they want, you can even ask them if there’s any type of theme they want. With older kids things can be a little tougher because they will have been to many parties, some of which may have been very lavish indeed. Just make sure you manage the expectations so no one is disappointed on the day and the kids know what to expect.

Fix your budget

This is the second part of managing the expectations because setting a budget dictates what you can do. So how much should you spend on your kid’s birthday? Well, the simple answer is that it all depends on you and what you can afford. So you need to chat to your kid and find out what part of their birthday is most important and then you can start making a list of what you will buy. A good idea is to start looking out for discounts and vouchers a few months before the party, you are always likely to find great discounts with groupon.

Short, sweet and simple

Sleepovers are always a great idea, especially as the kids grow up more. Then again, having a sleepover for ten kids or more can be big and also costly. You’re not just providing the party, the meal and cake. You have to add in snacks, drinks, breakfast and other costs. The best tip to save money is to set a time limit, the ideal time is four to six hours for a party.  Sleepovers can be done at anytime and should be kept to one or two people.