Great advice for buying a classic car

Classic cars are simply fantastic, they have reached an iconic status and are now a must have for any car collector. It easy to see how popular they have become when you notice the number of classic car sales there are these days. Buying a classic car is usually an expensive purchase, it is also a purchase where you need to take care. You are not buying a brand new car which has just come off the production line, you are buying a car that has been around for many years. You need to be much more savvy and diligent when checking the classic car that you want to buy. Below is some great advice for you to look at before you make any final decision about purchasing a classic car.


Create a checklist

One thing that every buyer should do, once they have found a car that they are interested in, is to make a checklist. Here are some of the major things for you to add to your checklist; Test drive, distance of seller, blue book value, insurance, license plates, escrow, storage, body work and questions for seller. Of course these are not the only things for you to look out for, but they are some of the key points that you need to consider.

Check out the seller

When you are buying a car from a classified ad then you really do have very little information to go on. One thing you could try is entering the seller’s name and address in to an internet search engine, there is a chance that someone may have had a good or bad experience with them in the past. It is not that you mistrust the seller, you are just checking to see if there is any bad history.

Inspect the car

You should always make a point of inspecting the car in person. It is a very bad idea to buy a car that you have not been able to take a look at in person. If you can, bring along a friend that knows about cars, a mechanic would be perfect! Even if it costs you money to bring someone along, it may end up saving you money in the long run.

Do your research

Once you have found the car that you want, the next step is to do some research about the car. Look up all information you can about the car; year, make and model. Then you can compare this research to the advert that has been placed by the seller.

Make a budget and keep to it

It is easy to go over budget if you fall in love with a car, but your heart should not dictate how much money you spend. You have to be sensible and only pay what the car is worth, if the price is over budget then simply let it go, there may be another car on the market soon.