5 Ways to Reduce Your Car Insurance Bill After You Get Married

Immediately after getting married, your car insurance policy may not be one of the top things on your mind. At some point after getting hitched, however, it’s important to look carefully at your auto insurance policy and adjust a few things. Doing so could have you seeing significant money savings on your bill each cycle. Within the first year of getting married, but preferably sooner, you should take care of some simple updates. Here are the things you should do when it comes to your car insurance once you get married.
1. Combine Your Policies

The first step you should consider is to combine both car insurance policies of you and your spouse. If each of you has insurance from a different company, call your agents to find out the cost for a combined policy. A policy with more than one person can help you save a little bit more. Additionally, if one driver’s record has a negative history from the past with tickets, points, or accidents, the other driver’s good record can help lower rates.

  1. Ask About Multi-Car Discounts

Once you’ve taken the plunge and gotten married, you can also ask your agent about a multi-car discount. When there is more than one car at a shared residence, you can qualify for more savings and reduced rates with many insurance policies. The type of car you drive makes a difference as well. For some insurance products, driving an electric or hybrid car can help reduce your premium. Additionally, if you or your spouse are shopping for a new car, a hybrid vehicle’s monthly savings on gas can make an even bigger impact.

  1. Check for a Multi-Line Discount

Another way that a newly married couple can find savings with their insurance bill is by checking to see if their agency offers a multi-line discount. Those who inquire about additional insurance coverage, such as homeowner’s, renter’s, or recreational vehicle insurance, can add these lines of coverage to their existing car insurance package. Instead of purchasing these products from different companies, you can bundle them together to get a big discount.

  1. Update Your Address

After tying the knot, many couples also make another big change in their home address. In most regions of the country, your insurance premium is affected by where you live. Insurance agents look at different statistics, such as traffic numbers and crime statistics, to determine the price you pay. For example, Harrisburg auto insurance rates can vary greatly depending on your zip code. You may be looking at a lower cost if you have moved to an area that is deemed less risky to the underwriters.
5. Indicate You’re Married

Last but not least, it’s important to make sure your agent is aware of your newly married status. One additional plus of being married is that it can give you access to a cheaper price on your auto insurance. Don’t forget to update your status to take advantage of this great benefit.
After you’ve said your vows, opened all of your gifts, and returned from your honeymoon, don’t forget to call your insurance agent to tell them about the great news. You can also get more information about new discounts that you may be eligible for and other opportunities for lower rates and more savings.